LULA, EVA NATASA’s first furniture collection was born from meticulous and detailed research and observation by our founder, after which the brand is named.
It was created with the intention to experience a deeper understanding of the need for furniture and design in the personal environment. The design process started with a research and reflective period where Eva Natasa spent eleven months living in a house without furniture. Surrounded by moving boxes, plain floors and white walls, the designer slowly began to answer her own questions on her practice and trade.
What are the design essentials in life?
Do we really need design?
Can someone live without furniture?
If a person can have only one piece of furniture, what will it be?
It was through these questions that LULA came to life; a designed, personal, user-centered collection offering well balanced, long lasting and elegant design of simple basic essentials for the house, using the best local materials and made by highly skilful craftsmen in Indonesia.
This is a collection that celebrates simplicity in everyday life.


LULA 02 Stool LULA 02H High Stool LULA 03 Bench


EvaNatasa_Lula_04-LR EvaNatasa_Lula_02_05-LR-3
LULA 04 Table LULA 05 Square Table LULA 02 Coffee Table

A contemporary translation of colours inspired by the nature; LULA 02, 02H and 06 are available in solid teak wood top and coloured solid mahogany legs with custom solid brass detailing.


LULA 02C-1 Stool . LULA 02HC-1 High Stool LULA 06C-1 Coffee Table

LULA 02C-2 Stool LULA 02HC-2 High Stool

LULA 02C-3 Stool . LULA 02HC-3 High Stool LULA 06C-3 Coffee Table